Termidor Termite Treatment

Termidor Termite Treatment -
Termidor SC is America's #1 Termite Treatment Product



1. Advanced undetectable liquid integrated technology.

2. After initial application Termidor can last up
10 years.

3. Get rid of termites fast and more efficiently using
Termidor's "Transfer Effect" formula.

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Termidor Termite Treatment

Termidor is a termite defense product that now protects over 3 million homes. This makes Termidor the #1 termite defense product in America.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Termidor SC

  • Fast Treatment - Effective and Delivering 100% Control in Just 3 Months or Less
  • Lasting Residual at Labeled Rates for More Than 14 Years After Treatment
  • Non - Repellant or "Undetectable"
  • Virtually Odorless
  • Also Works as an Insecticide for Ant Control

Termidor SC

Termidor is a tested insecticide that is made with a revolutionary, "undetectable" chemical technology. This means that termites won't avoid what they cannot detect. They are not able to smell, taste, see the formula and the "transfer effect" that Termidor promotes is highly effective in complete termite control. Termidor works as both an internal kill as well as a contact kill. During daily routines, termites come in contact with Termidor as well as directly ingest the material. Termidor is effective even at low application rates and homeowners do not have to worry about leaching due to the way Termidor bonds to the soil. Termidor has no odor and can be used in both commercial and residential areas including homes, office buildings, schools, churches, and etc. It's also effective in both pre-construction and post-construction. Even if there are no active termites in your home, Termidor will ensure that there will not be an infestation in the future. Not only will Termidor serve as a termite control product, but you can be confident that it will serve as an ant control product as well. The manufacturing company, BASF, is so confident in Termidor that they will even provide 10-year warranties without any hesitation.